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Wedding of Jaqui & Joseph

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Flemington race course wedding photography  by The Melbourne Wedding photographers

Wedding portrait photography at Flemington race course stables

Wedding Date: 30th May 2015
Jaqui and Joseph had chosen the magnificent Flemington Racecourse for their Photography and Reception. We were given full access to the race course including the race track and stables. Working with Jaxon from TWVM we captured  memorable photography and videography that  the couple will cherish forever.
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Louisa and Jeremy

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Wedding of Louisa and Jeremy

The wedding was on 4th April 2015 with the reception and ceremony held at ZINC at Federation Square, Melbourne CBD. Photography was at Birrarung Marr.


lj_wedding_photos_1 lj_wedding_photos_3 lj_wedding_photos_4 lj_wedding_photos_5 Wedding photography at Federation Square Melbourne and Birrarung Marr lj_wedding_photos_7