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Wedding of Vanessa & Ash | Behind the Scenes

by themelbo on August 13, 2013, no comments

Wedding Date: 30th March 2013

We photographed the couples’s wedding and bridal party portrait on the rooftop of the the Manchester Unity Building (cnr. Swanston and Collins Street). The couple wanted an image that looked like a Vanity Fair cover and after the ceremony which was held on the rooftop of the Adelphi Hotel we rushed to the Manchester Unity Building to take a few photos. David and Thomas had already spent some time on the rooftop setting up the shots so by the time the bridal party arrived we were ready to start.

Portrait wedding Photography on top of the manchester building melbourne

Wedding Stylist Shane views the images being captured immediately as they are taken

Special Thanks to Thomas for assisting us and help lug 30kgs of lighting equipment up to the rooftop. Images were captured on the Hasseblad high resolution 40megapixel Medium format camera. Elinchrom and Broncolor lighting.

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